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  • Why Canada

    Tags: why canada, kwixer, Personal

    Many of you, specially the ones following us on Facebook, have been asking why did you move to Canada ? ("you" as in Rodrigue- one of the founders of Kwixer)

    One of the difficulties French startup … more

  • Tools and tips.

    Tags: tools, tips, kwixer

      We’re 2 developers working on kwixer; while focusing on the main stuff like building the mobile app, server side api, presentations, documents and administrative stuff; we haven’t got much time … more

  • Startup time: kwixer

    Tags: kwixer

    For the first time in my life; I’m taking a huge risk career wise, a risk that I’m barely feeling because of the adrenaline numbness!

    A month from now I’ll be launching a startup … more

  • HP Touchpad: the future of webOS ?

    Tags: webOS, touchpad, hp, android

    It’s remarkable, no one expected for the HP Touchpads to sell that fast after the annoucement and the price cut(not even HP ).

    Let’s be honest, the hardware sucked on the touchpad; but … more